Using AI and machine learning algorithms, TechRobots assists online and in-store retailers in understanding, monitoring and measuring shopper’s preferences and buying behaviour and thus providing personalisation in terms of:.

  • Recommendations based on search, history and frequently brought items
  • Personalised website design based on conversion rate generated by each variant

Retail virtual assistant:
TechRobots presents AI powered retail virtual assistant which makes online buying a convenient option for buyers. The chatbots helps the customers in:.
  • Item search
  • Request for an item
  • Order placement
  • Order enquiry etc.
  • Marketing:
    Predictive modelling based on historical sales, campaigns, website visits, discounts, events and competitor events related data, can make the marketing campaigns much more effective by evidently figuring out what worked and what will work. This will help the company grow, engage and convert audience. Collection of accurate demographic data allows a retailer to understand exactly the type of shoppers who are engaging with the brand, and those insights allow for more tailored decisions on merchandise assortment, marketing campaigns, store design and build out and customer loyalty programs.