Client On boarding unavoidably involves high-volumes of low-complexity manual tasks and multiple data collection points from due diligence tools and internal systems. Large banks today are working in a highly regulated marketplace where they have to deal with a host of regulatory and compliance guidelines. Each player has to comply with several global and nation-specific AML, KYC and CDD norms as they look to expand and grow. Traditional method of client on boarding is error prone with banks investing more in terms of the people, process and technology.
Our smart KYC platform will help reimagine your KYC process as it uses our Smart RPA capabilities across the entire value chain to deliver the best and most assured results. Using our Smart assessment approach, we look beyond the heuristics and are able to identify the full automation potential across the process value chain. It effectively fits in to the Automation strategy of banks – Shorter on-boarding time, higher accuracy of operations with Cost and Risk reduction.