Back office,kiosk and portals

Back-office departments tend to lack system automation, where even basic coordination between employees tends to become tedious with repetitive tasks. Majority of customer requests typically require obtaining data from a back-office application and hence is an apt process for automation:

One Workflow: One form, one click

Navigation optimized to solve customer issues in as few clicks as possible.

Pre-populated form with secure customer information

Auto data validation

Base application request/response/dialog suppression

Integrate and impose risk and compliance controls

Dynamic data masking capability

Contextual alerts: Suitability or eligibility check notifications

Rule-based nested workflows: For multi-product, related offerings or situations

Configurable multi-step verification specific to workflow or transaction type or customer history alerts

Workflow execution integrated with transaction analytics – more insights in real time

Integrate a wide range of notifications: SMS, eMail and documents

Reduce the complex application/navigation training for back office workers to simplify the usage of many applications into one consolidated workflow