Accounts payable processes are monotonous, long and labour-intensive. While RPA could be great solution for A/P processes, implementation have the following challenges like-
Non-standard invoicing: Invoices arrive in different formats: hard copy, fax, scanned document, word document, PDF file etc.
Unstructured data: The information coming from various vendors is represented in different layouts making the data unstructured.

These drawbacks are efficiently handled by advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) built by TechRobots RPA specialized team. Automate your business transactions using our in-house automation capabilities.

In invoice processing/report generation application, manual data entry and error reconciliation take huge amount of time and the efficiency rates will be low. Automated data collection and error reconciliation using RPA helps in reducing the cycle time and improving the efficiency. Exception handling can be take care of employees. Also, this would enhance the scope of employing humans in more critical responsibilities. We provide highly scalable solutions which can be implemented in different applications/domains in the organisation.